Going global with a plant-based meat alternative?
Now there’s a M… F… idea!

Developing a versatile packaging design in an agile process
Developing a versatile packaging
design in an agile process

When Meatless Farm decided to expand their product range and introduce their plant-based meat alternatives on select markets around the world, they turned to Adpassion to come up with a complete packaging design identity that could be easily localised and used across a large number of subcategories. Drawing on the Nordic design legacy and vintage poster design, we developed, tested and finalised a concept with global appeal and a strong Nordic twist in just a few months.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in retail marketing, Adpassion developed a packaging design identity able to reflect the different types of plant protein, and adaptable to both frozen, non-frozen, and to-go products. The versatility of the design means a new SKU can be developed in less than a week, with finished artwork ready to market in just a few weeks – an obvious competitive advantage when challenging on multiple new markets with an agile, proactive go-to-market strategy.  

Adpassion is thrilled to join Meatless Farm on its mission of getting more people to switch to meat-free alternatives, and we are proud of the results. They will make it easier for more people to play an active role in making the world more sustainable. It’s not a question of going religiously and rigidly in one direction – it’s about enabling the many small changes that produce results. Are you also looking for engagement and dedication? Please connect, and let’s talk about how we can help your brand take off and help you reach your objectives.

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