Some agencies do everything.
We have a main focus
on retail marketing.

We know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about retail.

Some agencies
do everything.
We only do
one thing:
Retail Marketing.

We know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about retail.

Adpassion is an advertising, design, and brand activation agency exclusively focused on shopper and retail marketing. We are full-on retail nerds specialised in FMCG, with the insights and experience to make your brand take off and to move your products. We work with global brands across the Nordic markets, doing everything from large scale launch campaigns to creating hooks between online and offline campaigns and solving the many other day-to-day challenges of the brand marketer. We deliver great results on short deadlines because we are passionate about FMCG and have the size and the processes to be agile and make things happen when you need them to.

Working with Adpassion, you can rely on our more than 20 years of experience in the trade and retail business to help you hit your numbers every quarter. And while what we do strictly speaking isn’t rocket science, it’s still nice to know that the people you trust to make your brand and business objectives take off actually know what they’re doing – both online and offline. So, seeing as you’ve made it this far, perhaps it’s time to get introduced? Give us a call on +45 7020 0620 or send us an e-mail and let’s discuss what we can do for your business, brand, or product. It could be the beginning of a valuable friendship.

Why? We'll tell you why

Eye for detail

Although we have a keen eye for creative solutions that catch customers' attention, we also keep a close eye on your sales targets, your KPIs and your reality. Because creative solutions have to be more than original - they have to be doable. Otherwise, they'll just end up in the drawer – where they won't sell any products.


We've let the assistants go so you don't have to deal with go-betweens, red tape or gatekeepers. You'll deal directly with your project manager and creative lead. That not only makes life easier for you, but also means that we can deliver faster than most others (it'll do wonders for your budget).


Sometimes you need the full treatment, from strategy to concept development, execution and production. Other times you just need a catalogue of ideas you can see through yourself. Whatever you need, we'll be happy to deliver. Because we focus more on getting the job done, than on how big the job is.


Hitting the mark is all that matters. For that, you need knowledge. We use your insights to develop solutions that can change the perception of your brand, win more floor space in stores, increase sales, activate salespeople, raise the category – or whatever else you're aiming for.


There are no speed limits in trade. It's a busy industry and things move fast. We know. We don't waste time being surprised when things pop up out of the blue. We simply get the job done, so you can hurry back to all the other things you really should get back to getting done yesterday.


We know what goes on in the minds of your customers in that split second when they choose a product. We also know how Category Managers think and how to get them thinking about your product. And we know lots of other useful stuff about retail.



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